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Outsourced Data Backup is an important part of the Managed Services Provider. MSPAssist provides best and experienced team for outsourced backup management. Backup Management is one of the most difficult jobs in IT. MSPAssist has a dedicated team of backup experts with over a decade of experience.  Backup Team is always looking for constant proactive monitoring, advanced troubleshooting, remediation and something even working with the backup vendor to resolve any issue. We ensure client’s business continuity and disaster recovery for their business, our clients completely dependent and rely on us.

Outsourced Backup Management Services

  • Daily backup job monitoring and backup portal review.
  • Initial backup job setup and configuration (agent and retention policy setup)
  • Backup product recommendation based on requirements
  • Backup infrastructure review and audit
  • Backup failure alerting and integration with your PSA (Connectwise, Autotask, Tigerpaw)
  • Backup failure remediation and re-queuing backup jobs
  • Remote reboot of BDR’s
  • Working with backup vendor for advanced support
  • Custom reporting

We support various backup technologies that can make the process of data protection and recovery faster, more secure and more efficient. Our experts enable clients automated data protection and recovery by transmitting data online to secure and off site vaults as selected and designated by the clients. Clients can access the data through a web browser from any central location as offered by most cloud backup vault providers these days. It can make it easier and safer for company to backup data off-site by allowing it to be Managed Service Provider. To some cases the MSP themselves set one of their server/storage device in their data center be available for storing their client’s backups via FTP etc. This can also be monitored and managed by MSPAssist on behalf of the MSP for daily reporting and management purposes.

Backups Management Services

There are three basic mechanisms for Outsource Backup Management:

Insourcing backup: Invite a vendor to manage your backups using on-site resources, remote resources or both. This backup is best option for medium-to-large-sized organizations.

Online backup: Ship data from your data center over a network to an off-site service provider. Online Backup services are the best option for smaller businesses.

Hosted backup services: Move your primary data to an outside data center with a backup service offering. This backup is limited to companies that like to outsource their services more than a backup.

MSPAssist offers impeccable support to he above listed backup mechanisms as selected and scheduled by the managed services provider (MSP) and manage those for them.

Backup Management for msp

For more details contact us to discuss about Outsourced Backup Management requirement as needed, we will provide you a team of experienced team for the Backup Management.


Help Desk Outsourcing for MSP in India

Challenges in Help Desk Outsourcing for MSP:

IT has evolved and not every technology is already learnt by the MSP and there have been cases where the work grows in shorter span of time leaving not much available resources. This creates an opportunity to look for an ad-hoc support and from someone who has experience with the technology in which the work has grown. Help Desk Outsourcing always has its pros and cons and should be wisely decided and there are various challenges involved in it which are described in the following section:

  • Is the Help Desk Outsourcing going to help in order to reduce the workload?
  • Is outsourcing a cost-effective approach?
  • Will the business that outsources the work get advantages in terms of quality, standard and resolution time involved in the work being outsourced?
  • How experienced the company that is going to get hired for outsourcing is?
  • What are the security challenges involved in outsourcing the IT support?
  • What will the quality of the communication?
  • What will be the mode of the communication?

The above questions are the most common set of questions which come to mind when there is any requirement for Help Desk Outsourcing of the work by MSP Business. Now, following are the practices that MSPAssist uses for the best solutions and answers to the above questions for making ourselves a preferred choice for outsourcing.

  • Outsourcing the IT Help Desk Support to MSPAssist will help decreasing of the workload because majority of the escalation requests can be handled internally by MSPAssist. We have experts in various technologies hence keeping the assigned work resolution rate higher and ultimately reducing the workload.
  • The plans set for the IT Support outsourcing by MSPAssist comes at a very reasonable cost and hence very cost-effective
  • The work that the remote engineer from MSPAssist does on the IT Help Desk Outsourcing is checked thoroughly by the supervisor for the quality, standard and the time it took to get the resolution done.
  • MSPAssist has been a consistent performed in the field of IT support and NOC Outsourcing since 2010
  • The employees of MSPAssist are bound under the NDA with the company i.e. MSPAssist therefore the security concerns are well addressed
  • The communication quality offered by the MSPAssist is excellent. We conduct the soft-skill and ettiquette training sessions for the employees to remain customer oriented.
  • The communication can be dealt using phone, email and chat.

Read on to learn more about our 24/7 ‘how to’ End User Support and Help Desk program works. Or get in touch with MSPAssist  today to explore exactly how we can integrate with your business!

MSP IT Services with MSPAssist

MSPAssist define your proposition and identifying values that makes your business unique in the marketing and sales world. We find the key component of your marketing strategy and enhance your sales conversations. MSPAssist offer different ways to deliver effectively and consistently results of your value prop.

MSP IT Help Desk
Here you get quick, digestible tips and best practices to help successful business. Get in touch with MSPAssist via mail: contact@mspassist.net or comments below if you have any queries related to MSP IT Services.
Get more information about MSP Help Desk and Outsourced NOC and help-Desk Services. I have shared the links.


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MSP IT Help Desk Services

MSPAssist is a internationally seasoned I.T. Help Desk Service Provider with highly effective technology and organizational management experience that increases profitability. We have extensive experience in creating, managing and guiding thriving, successful startup and Fortune 500 technology departments

msp helpdesk

MSPAssist offers a reliable and promising I.T. Help Desk Services for the MSP businesses. MSPAssist offers a perfect solution for the MSP Business where our agents take full responsibility to make and attend the calls and participate effectively in running cold calling campaign and any business promotion activity over the phone, chats or emails. MSPAssist agents would make a soft call to the bright prospect and walk him/her through the services that the MSPAssist offers and the benefits that the prospect would reap from those services. The opportunity if requires the onsite appointment fix-up then the sales agent from MSPAssist would let the MSP know about it and finalize the appointment.

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